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Saltwater Ich – All The Facts to Save Your Fish

Saltwater Ich is a common, yet devastating affliction that is caused by ocean parasites called Cryptocaryon Irritans.  Marine Ich and White Spot Disease are some other names that it’s known by, but it is all the same pesky microscopic parasite. ‘Cryptocaryon Irritans’ sounds scary, but…

Top 5 Reef Safe Fish for Beginners

This list of reef safe fish for beginners barely scratches the surface of the potential animals you can keep in your reef aquarium.  These fish are all affordable, reef safe and easy to care for.  Most importantly, none of the fish on this list will…

Can I Get Live Sand From The Ocean?

Technically, you can get live sand from the ocean, but you shouldn’t.  There are many reasons to avoid doing this and concerns with pollution, bio-diversity and legality.  The complete answer is a little complicated and long, but I will do my best to lay out…

2 New Reef Aquarium Guides for Beginners

No one is born with the knowledge to become an electrician, plumber or doctor.  All of these skills must be learned from schools or through a lot of research and practice, so why should maintaining a reef aquarium be any different? Hackers’ Reef just published two…

6 Things I Learned From Breeding Clownfish

Breeding clownfish is a rewarding and educational process.  I learned about a bunch of new things during the time I spent raising them.  Many of these issues and gotcha-type-situations were barely explained in the popular guides. I hope that this information will be helpful for…

HLLE – Head and Lateral Line Erosion Disease Treatment

HLLE is a disease that afflicts many of the ornamental marine fish in our hobby.  The acronym stands for Head and Lateral Line Erosion.  Fish suffering from HLLE will develop pitted holes that usually start around the eye area and continue, forming a line towards…

Our Mission

All the content that we create for you has the single goal of reducing the expense and complexity of your fish and reef keeping hobby.  These tips, tricks and guides will give you more time to enjoy the experience of having a piece of the ocean in your home or business.

Save Money

The saltwater aquarium hobby has seen sharp price increases over the years, hasn’t it?  We felt the pinch in our wallet too! There is an endless flood of products and solutions that promise to solve all kinds of problems which don’t always work. With the cost of quality equipment and reef keeping supplies on the rise, it’s much worse when you end up paying multiple times to resolve the same issue.


Who hasn’t purchased some kind of magic potion that claimed to cure all your algae issues?  Did you buy an expensive test kit that ended up being hard to use and even harder to read the results?  These guides will help you avoid a lot of those pitfalls and help you save some of that extra cash for the next amazing coral frag, fish or invert that crosses your path.

Reduce Complexity

Your prized fish or coral is not looking happy, a weird new critter or algae pops up in your tank overnight.  These are normal occurrences in our hobby, but they send us into a researching flurry looking for solutions.  Anyone who has kept coral or fish for any extended amount of time knows what I am talking about: reading volumes worth of forum posts and watching video after video late into the night…

These research sessions usually leave us with more questions than answers, but it does not always have to end that way.  Solving every reef tank related problem doesn’t need to feel like studying for a final exam for school. Our content is info packed and to the point, it’s based on over 15 years of experience in the hobby and countless hours of research.  We may not have a definitive answer to every problem, but we can help you take the complexity out of a lot of them.

Don’t Waste Time

It’s easy to get lost while sifting through the heaps of information on the internet about the latest products or fixes to an issue your tank is experiencing.  Anyone serious about keeping a piece of the ocean inside a glass box has spent many of hours learning and perfecting their craft; we know that we have. The problems start when you spend hours researching the product you just bought…

After following the instructions to build something or trying a new treatment that does not work as expected.  Burnout sets in very quickly when hours of research and effort lead to more issues, sometimes even making the original problem worse.

During the 15+ years in this hobby we have had our fair share of successes and failures too.  We have seen trends and fads come and go, some changed the hobby for the better and some just caused endless headaches.  Don’t let time wasting or burnout make your aquarium feel like a job that just costs money and time. Our experience will save you time and be the shortcut to enjoying your aquarium.

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