Bucket Sieve Bundle

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Bundle Includes:

– 53 micron sieve
– 100 micron sieve
– Bucket Adapter (Fits most 5gal buckets)

Stop throwing away zooplankton during water changes!


-Two screen sizes
-Helpful holder
-Engraved micron size marking
-Made in America
-High quality chemical resistant nylon mesh
-3D printed with fish safe materials
-Made by hobbyists for hobbyists

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These premium, stackable sieves where created after dropping a DIY style PVC pipe made sieve one too many times while our harvesting copepods and rotifers. We wanted to design a simple sieve that was not bulky and could fit securely on a variety of culture vessels and aquariums.

Each part of this bundle was designed in-house by us, at Hackers’ Reef. The plastic parts are 3D printed with time tested and fish safe materials that we trust in our own systems. The various size filter meshes are made from high quality, chemical resistant nylon for years of use in fresh or salt water. The filter size is engraved into the sieve for quick identification and these markings will never fade or peel off over time like stickers do.

The sieve bucket adapter will fit on most 5 gallon buckets and securely hold your single or stacked sieves for easy and safe pouring.


Approx Size
Recommended Sieve
60-400 micron
53 micron
Copepods Nauplii (Larva)
150-250 micron
53 micron
Copepods Adults
150-250 micron
100 micron
Artemia (Brine Shrimp)
50-450 microns
100 micron


How to use:

1) Select the correct sized sieve for the animals (critters?) you are looking to separate from the water.

2) Slowly pour water into your sieve, take care not to overflow the sieve.

3) Place sieve over container you want to transfer animals into and invert sieve. Slowly pour water with matching parameters over inverted sieve to backwash animals into new container.

4) Wash items with cold or warm water to remove any leftover particles from nylon mesh, wipe down or allow to air dry. Do not use soap, though rubbing alcohol may be used if necessary.


Properly wash and dry equipment to avoid cross contamination of cultures. For best results do not share equipment between cultures.

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